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Cyber Security Claims

Cyber crime and insurance claims for data breaches and cyber incidents are on the rise. Cyber criminals can compromise a data system in just a matter of minutes, or even seconds. The wide-ranging impact of these breaches can lead to months of business hardships, adversely impact brand reputations, and cause significant financial losses.  Whether the claim involves hacking, malware, denial-of-service (DoS), insider threat, or ransomware attack, cybersecurity experts at Polaris Forensics, Inc. can help. In the event of a cyber loss, it is important to follow digital trails to piece together facts. Using computer forensics, our experts can assist in forming an accurate picture of a cyber-attack and:

·   Detect and validate malicious attacks and data breaches
·   Determine the extent of compromised data
·   Identify those responsible for the cyberattack
·   Recommend cyber risk mitigation strategies

Claims can be assigned by:

Calling toll free  1-888-806-5654
Emailing at dahuja@polarisforensics.com
Via Polaris’s Contact Us webpage: http://polarisforensics.com/contact/

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