Polaris Forensics


When an insurance claim reaches an impasse, the appraisal process can often serve as an alternative dispute resolution method to avoid costly litigation or at least resolve portions of the disagreement.  Each party selects an appraiser and the two appraisers—one from the insured and one from the insurance company—assess and evaluate the damages at a property and provide an estimate of the value of the loss.  A mutually agreed-upon or court-appointed umpire will handle any disputes between the two appraisers, and any agreement signed by two of the three parties will set the value of the loss.  Polaris experts have acted in the capacity of both the appraiser and the umpire in the appraisal process.  Our vast experience in evaluating the cause and extent of damage to properties due to various causes and our in-depth knowledge of building codes puts us in a unique position of being able to recognize or prepare accurate and thorough repair cost estimates.     

“With so many options for experts, I know I can count on Polaris for an accurate and impartial report. Plus, their service is timely and within budget.”

- Harry H.

General Property Adjuster, Insurance Carrier