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When disasters—hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, floods, or even large-scale wind or hailstorms—strike, you can rely on Polaris’s Rapid Response Teams for fast, accurate, and comprehensive answers.  Our Rapid Response Teams are comprised of civil, structural, architectural, and electrical engineers who are mobilized and on-scene in the wake of these catastrophic events.  Regardless of scale, our experts can establish cause and extent of failure and damage to various types of affected structures, including residential, commercial, hospitality, industrial, municipal, educational, and agricultural facilities.  Our teams can also assist with post-storm triage and safe entry analyses, and our expedited services can assist in full or partial re-opening of businesses and reductions in business interruptions. 

Hurricane Michael

As Hurricane Michael approached Florida’s panhandle in October 2018, Polaris was organizing Catastrophe Repaid Response Teams to handle the influx of projects our clients would be facing.  Following a catastrophic event, speed is key. Our clients require rapid response and expedited guidance. Polaris delivered and had a team of engineers with boots on the ground in Panama City within 48-hours of Michael’s landfall.

One of Polaris’s teams was tasked with damage triage for one of our clients—the team traveled with our client and other consultants from site to site determining whether structures were a complete loss following the storm, providing recommendations for immediate repair, stabilization, and mitigation efforts, documenting post-storm conditions, and establishing protocols for further evaluations.  Polaris’s expertise allowed our client to more efficiently initiate payments and authorize building owners to perform repairs on first contact.

Polaris’s CAT teams evaluated damage to buildings throughout Hurricane Michael’s storm swatch.  Projects included large religious facilities, commercial structures, multi-family properties, and residences that had sustained damage due to wind, wind-borne debris, flooding, water intrusion, and tree impacts.  Throughout Polaris’s CAT response, our clients were provided Key Performance Indicator Reports (KPI Reports) that included up-to-date information on the status of each project, such as dates of site visits, anticipated report deadlines, and notes pertaining to any issues that our teams were facing.

Typical Hurricane Damage

Typical Hurricane Damage

Typical Hurricane Damage

“With so many options for experts, I know I can count on Polaris for an accurate and impartial report. Plus, their service is timely and within budget.”

- Harry H.

General Property Adjuster, Insurance Carrier